Beauty in Her - Ela's Makeover

Hi guys!

Another makeover, actually a first one I have done in Series : "Beauty in Her" around two years ago :)

Ela is 44 (was at the time ;) ), she is not wearing makeup normally, or it's limited to mascara and black eyeliner on waterline. Her main concerns are wrinkles, she does not liked how she looks like. 
I had a good look and the first thing we did was tidying the eyebrows a bit, as this is the main element on the face that has face lifting abilities. Correctly shaped eyebrows are framing  the face, right brow arch can lift the eye socket visually and make the impression of bigger and more rested eyes. 
Her wrinkles are not very deep, her skin condition is very good for her age. 
On the other hand she has beautiful eyes, amazingly shaped lips and great eyelashes.

I decided to go for a fresh illuminated skin, using mostly cream products (blush and highlighter) and natural colours. This is a great example of makeup for mature skin, where we need to be careful not to emphasize the lines and freshen up the skin.
I have also added some individual lashes to lift the eye socket a bit and make Her look more girly.
Hope you like the result :)

Makeup, hair styling and Photography - Gwedhan


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